Under the miniscule prism


I have never been too fond of doing a blog. Since I really don’t have enough time to spare when it comes to writting and publishing all this stuff. There is always too many things to write. But i have never seen how helpful a blog can be when it comes to reaching out to people having technical issues and either giving them a hand or pointing them to the right direction.
I have been a computer enthusiast eversince my first time of seeing a computer. I remember when  my dad used to bring me at work. they were doing bank payrolls and their company had this whirring bunch of tapes inside large boxes and together with some punch cards, that they used to hand to me, I put it into what seemed as a bungy clock. That was way back early 80s and I can’t really remember that much. But one thing that I do remember was my fascination in watching and hearing those tapes spin around.

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