Under the miniscule prism

The Last Remnant (PC) and High CPU Temps


I can’t describe enough my woes for not being able to play this game before. Whenever I tried to launch the game I encountered 70C on both cores of my CPU (AMD 64 X2 +5000). As a result I bought a new CPU cooler, Power Supply Unit, new RAM , replaced my CPU with AMD Phenom II X2 550BE and added two auxlliary fans but still I can’t seem to find what was wrong. It was a nightmare trying to troubleshoot on this problem. In my efforts trying to isolate the problem I downloaded several monitoring tools for temperature and voltage (CPU-Z, Speedfan , EasyTune 6 and AMD Overdrive). I noticed that when I had a full load running different applications altogether the CPU temps did the same, it ran again to a high 68C~72C. Apart from that I noticed that the voltage for the CPU was around 1.375~1.475 which was abnormally high since I never overclocked any settings. I only do overclocking for benchmark purposes and testing new hardware. Then it hit me, ironically and sarcastically plagued by the thought that it was the voltaging from the BIOS. I tried a little experiment to underclock the voltage settings first using the AMD Overdrive utility and was able to play the game! But I can’t have this since its an added nuisance to open AMD Overdrive before playing or having to accomplish multiple tasks with resource hogging applications.Entering the BIOS I set the CPU voltages at 1.275 which by deduction would give around 0.025~0.075 volts using the previous analysis from CPU-Z. EUREKA! Now my system is running flawlessly without shutting down. Take note that CPUs today have a threshold of 70C and motherboard manufacturers have recently added features to protect your CPU from damage if it hits 70C by shutting down your system. Now both cores are running at around 42C full load and 29C idle. Only thing though, what will I do with the hardware I just replaced? :sigh: time to build that other system…. Light bulb

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