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Update Microsoft Security Essentials using BITS through a Proxy Server

This was inspired by JohnM_12345 over at MSE’s Forums. I had several doubts, but knowing me, I always believed that in computers nothing was impossible.
It took me several days to think of a solution to be able to download definitions for Microsoft Security Essentials bypassing or utilizing a proxy server. Then I thought about the Background Intelligence Transfer Service (BITS) which can go through proxy settings and download files for Windows Updates. Making it short I did found a way to utilize an Operating System file of Windows to work for updating Microsoft Security Essentials. Take note that BITS can also be used to download any file from the internet if you so wish.
Open Command Prompt. On Vista or Windows 7 you need to Run it as Administrator.
1.First let’s command BITS through the BITSADMIN command lines to create a job for us:
bitsadmin /create MPAM
*I used MPAM as a Job name but you can specify what name you fancy.
2. Add the file URL to the JOB
*I have a 64Bit Operating System and file it creates is MPAM-FEX64.EXE. If you are using a 32Bit Operating System you must change the URL with http://download.microsoft.com/download/DefinitionUpdates/mpam-fe.exe and the file to mpam-fe.exe. You can also set a different path where the file is to be created.
3. Set the Proxy Settings for the JOB. This can be either a bypass or through the proxy.
bitsadmin /setproxysettings MPAM PRECONFIG
*More information is available here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa362813(VS.85).aspx for setting up proxy settings of BITS. I used PRECONFIG assuming that you have it setup through Internet Explorer.
4. Download the definition file.  
bitsadmin /transfer MPAM /DOWNLOAD /priority NORMAL http://download.microsoft.com/download/DefinitionUpdates/mpam-fex64.exe C:MPAMmpam-fex64.exe
*As with step 3 you need to change the URL, path for the file and the filename if you are using a 32Bit platform.
That’s it. All you need to do is wait for the download to finish. The only thing now that’s plaguing me is how the heck will I automate the BITS to execute the file after its done downloading. Confused
Here’s one helpful site I picked over the net by Frank-Peter Schultze.

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