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Windows Update FIX v 3.0

The Windows Update FIX [WUFix© v3.0] will be having a MAJOR makeover.

It used to be that this script will just run and do everything with less interaction with the user. After several months of studying DOS again (so 80’s DOS) and keeping abreast with the DOS commands today, I have come up with an interactive menu that will enable the user to choose what fixes can be done in order to address issues with Windows Updates.
A lot of people were asking why use a Batch Script and not use something like VBSCRIPT, .NET , C++ or anything else? Well its for application compatibility with Windows. DOS will never die off of Windows Operating Systems. Its an integral part. Fewer Malware will ever attack DOS unless they have plans of not enabling your computer to boot which will actually defeat their purpose of gaining control of your system and getting your personal information. Moreover, DOS is straight language and not much circular syntax. IT can be easily read and that’s also one reason why I love DOS. Any user can read through it and easily understand what the codes might do which gives transparency that it will not do anything else unless that which was coded into it.
For you guys who are waiting for its next release… I may be able to finish it by next week if time allows. :CHEERS: Party


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