Under the miniscule prism

MVP 2010 Award


MVP LogoJanuary 1, 2010, New Year’s day in the Philippines and not enough choices except to go to work. Its a holiday and a Friday. I was still groggy from the eve’s celebration and just my luck nothing seems to be going right. Two machines were down and needs to be reformatted. Virtual Machines were needed to be reinstalled on all Lab machines. There’s still 120 agents to be retrained. But nothing like three cups of coffee couldn’t solve. 10 hours into my shift, unlike some days maybe 8 hours on a roll, I received a text message from my girlfriend congratulating me for being  awarded as an MVP for 2010. I replied, “Really?”. Nah, its too true to be real and how would she know? “You left the PC on”. Thinking back I did left in a hurry. I never had time to check my email and couldn’t even sign-in to WLM for any notifications. What started as a bad day turned out to be the greatest day in my life! With only a handful of Filipino MVPs, its indeed an honor and a privilege to be awarded by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional for 2010.

It is neither my triumph nor my prestige to be an MVP. It is instead for the people, friends and loved ones who continues to support me through my every endeavor and challenge both technically and emotionally throughout the years.  This is for you guys!


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