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Error 0x8024402F

Windows Update Error 8024402F
Failure to install Updates – “WU_E_PT_ECP_SUCCEEDED_WITH_ERRORS”
Error 8024402F

I had a difficult time to analyze this error due to the lack of resources and tools that interprets the error exactly. Oddly enough it was easy to resolve. It seems to be tied to the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) while a file was being downloaded from the internet through your ISP and affected by the network hardware i.e. NIC, Modem, Router, etc., etc. The default size of XP and later Operating Systems MTU size is at 1500. Although, this is affected by the system’s hardware if you have an older device and the speed of the currently available connection, Dial-Up is an exemption. To better understand this concept, HERE is a definitive article.

Resolving the Error:
1. Decrease or increase MTU rate in your router or modem settings into a default MTU size depending on the network interface. You may need to refer to the router or modem manufacturer details on how to access it.
2. The details on what amount of MTU rate size has already been provided by Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314496/. It now depends on the current type of network interface in your system.


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