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I would like to share this simple but special message from someone named Moon who was able to send me a private message through Windows Live.

Subject:  Uninstalling MSEssentials
Sent: January 21 7:36 PM

I am a first time user of Windows Live. I had difficulty uninstalling a corrupted copy of Essentials. I contacted MS and received a very convoluted answer that did not resolve my issue. I was nearly desperate!
I kept searching and came across your article regarding errors "0x80070715" & "0x8004FF0B". I had the instinct to trust what you were saying. I created a Restore Point and followed your instruction. Essentials uninstalled successfully before my eyes exactly as you described.
I thank you very, very much and appreciate your expertise.
Warmest regards,
Moon Smile

Thanks Moon, whoever you are… such things inspire people to do a lot more!
My apologies for disabling the comments.
I noticed just recently that there were spam advertisements in my articles, thus I decided to turn comments off.


One response

  1. Oorwullie52

    Like Moon I’d like to thank you for your advice re error message 0x80070715.
    Method One worked a treat.
    Grateful thanks from a novice.

    October 3, 2010 at 4:20 PM

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