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Windows 7 Backup Error 0x81000019

Now this error code has a myriad of resolutions just by searching for it. This issue has also been a subject for very long threads of intelligent debates and arguments at Microsoft Answers and several Microsoft Forum threads, one such: System Reserved Partition which affects the behavior of backup leading to what your error is for the Windows 7 Backup Utility.

Logically the most acceptable resolution and with less repercussion would be the best path to take. However, if you performed an upgrade from Vista to 7 kindly verify if a System Reserved partition was created. <What is a System Reserved Partition Windows 7?>

There are certain requirements before we continue:
1. Verify the existence of the “System Reserved” partition.
2. Check the total amount of free space on the “System Reserved” partition (it should be no lesser than 70MB).
3. A Windows 7 Installation disk (only when necessary).
4. A use of 3rd-party applications (only when needed).
5. Check of Language Packs for the system.

Caution: It is always advised that a backup of your data be done if you do not want to lose valuable memories before configuring System Partitions and Volume Tables of Windows which may result to data loss and an unbootable system if done incorrectly.

METHOD 1: <Resource>
Remove un-necessary language packs if any were installed:
1. Go to Control Panel>Clock, Language, and Region.
2. Under Region and Language, click “Install or uninstall display languages”.
3. Choose the option “Uninstall Display Languages”.
4. A system restart should be good after uninstallation of the language packs.


Verify the existence, space and status of the “System Reserved” partition:
1. Click Start. In the Start Search box type diskmgmt.msc hit enter.
2. Once you have the Disk Management window see if there is a partition with a name of “System Reserved” without a drive letter assigned and should be in front (left side visually) of the “Primary Partition” where Windows 7 was installed. If not, you need the Windows 7 disk and attempt this FIX Here is a summary and edited resolution to move the “System Reserved” to the front of the Windows 7 “Primary Partition”:

a. Shutdown your computer
b. Boot from your Microsoft Windows 7 Installation Disk
c. Click "Repair your Computer"
d. Open the Command Prompt and type the following hitting Enter after each command:

List Disk
select disk #
select partition #
bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /rebuildbcd
bootrec /fixboot
bootsect /nt60 C: /force /mbr

e. Run Startup Repair and when done, reboot the system. Also where you see “#", replace “#” sign with the number of your drive/partition where Windows 7 was installed. Then run Startup Repair and reboot.

3. Check if the “System Reserved” partition has exactly 70MB or more of space by right clicking and choosing “Properties”.

NOTE: If this does not have at least 70MB of space, then this is the root cause of the issue move to Method 3.

4. See if it has the following information on “System Reserved” has: “Healthy (System, Active, and Primary Partition)”. If this partition does not have a mark as “Active”, right click then select “Mark Partition as Active”.

Warning: NEVER mark the partition or volume where Windows7 was installed as Active or the system will not be able to boot with an error of “BOOTMGR Missing” at restart.

5. If there is no “System Reserved” partition found, we need to create one move to Method 3.

METHOD 3: <Resource>

Increase “System Reserved” partition size:
1. Follow the guide here: http://www.partition-tool.com/resource/resize-boot-partition-2.htm

NOTE: You may need to get the hang of moving and resizing the partition and it should not go beyond 500MB in size before you apply the changes.

2. Install EASEUS’ Home edition tool: http://www.partition-tool.com/download.htm

I have personally tested all Methods 2 and 3 scenarios on a Virtual Machine with Windows 7 installed and found that they meet all expectations for resolving this error. More information on “System Reserved” partition: TechNet Library.


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