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So Yahoo! gets hacked?



You may have seen through feeds, local news, tweets and maybe on your browser’s headlines. Frankly, I wouldn’t have noticed it if I never got any subscriptions on my phone for latest RSS news feeds. Yahoo! has been around since the dawn of the dotcom era in the late 90’s with over 320 Million Users currently and serving 46 countries with their own Yahoo! email domains.

Yahoo! was at one time the most widely used email account that you might have also tied up with your Friendster login. As Friendster slowly fluttered away in the digital world will Yahoo! be the same? Well 3 accounts from 1997 and several years unopened, I wouldn’t wonder if what it had during those years were spam with drug ads and lotto scams. Then you ask yourself – who still uses Yahoo anyway?

Similar to the Sony Pictures hack, Yahoo! had succumbed to an SQL injection to hack into their Voices service. Voices is an online publishing site of Yahoo! where their users can contribute their own work.

Capture Yahoo Voices

Yahoo! has said there were approximately 400,000 stolen usernames and passwords but only less than 5% of those had valid passwords. This not an excuse though, since that “less than 5%” users would certainly have a breach of their privacy and security.

We have continuously advised users and readers, be responsible and take precautions in making your online accounts secure – http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/default.aspx#Passwords

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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