Under the miniscule prism

Windows XP: End of Days

If you still don’t know, Microsoft has announced the end of the Life Cycle support for Windows XP since 2010. Some may not like it and still hold on to an obsolete Operating System that will never again get patched after April 14, 2014. I wouldn’t want to get into the nitty-gritty  side of updating to the newer Operating System and still I wonder why there’s so much hate about 8.1. Personally, it’s an absolutely great Operating System and like anything new it takes a lot of getting used to. But once you get to use it more, the experience wouldn’t be like any previous versions of Windows.

One notable thing I could say about 8.1 is the Bluetooth support which was seamless on any devices I had, contrary to being horrible since XP to 8. 

I grew up with XP and I had some doubts to letting it go but since Microsoft ushered 7, my fancy got stuck with it. It’s hard to really see it go, but as all things become old so do we move on to something newer which has the better features from Security to UI Experience.




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