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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Freezing and Stop Errors

Microsoft has recently released the next version of Windows 10, dubbed as Anniversary Update it has a slew of features that make it more efficient and appealing to Users with its new features. I will not be enumerating any of the new features since this is not a review of Windows 10’s Anniversary Update, instead this is more of how to resolve errors that is plaguing users that updated. If you want to see the new features of version 1607 or the Anniversary Update here’s a site that you may want to go to: How-To-Geek: Windows 10 Anniversary Update

I was compelled to write this post due to the fact that I had a first hand experience on my system that went through the update. Soon after and for the next four days of that , I had to resolve the issue one by one with little to none of any online resource that can figure out what was going on. Going through Safemode was the only thing that can save you from the freezing and BSODs. So was it a driver? Is it a Windows Component? Or was it something else? Honestly, it was a combination of sorts.

Stop Errors
Getting rid of the BSOD nightmare was something that you could not be able to predict how. Well, at least for me the only Stop Error I had was MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. I was able to get past that by installing the 1607 Cumulative Update. If you downloaded the ISO or Upgraded from Windows 10 version 1511 to version 1607, you should be seeing build 14393.10 by typing “winver” through the RUN option. The Cumulative Update is build 14393.51 and is the latest build for the Anniversary Update. Latest Windows 10 Releases are found here.

Other Stop Errors or BSOD could be caused by older drivers that aren’t compatible for version 1607. Graphics Adapter drivers and Chipset Drivers could cause those. You may find that letting Windows 10 v.1607 run on its own Generic WHQL drivers or those coming from Windows Update will do more good than installing the Manufacturer drivers until they can provide for a compatible version.

You can get version 1607 Cumulative Update manually here.

So it seems Cortana got an overdose of more data loving. It now craves for more and that “getting to know” you feel. I really don’t mind it and I can just let her go on a data rampage on my system. However, letting her do that on each and every keystroke, hard drive, browsing, event, mail, calendar, etc. caused more good than harm. Cortana used every tool at her disposal – Search Indexing, Search Filtering, Windows Search Service, Cryptographic Service, RunTime Broker, name it she grabs it! She’ll run all of those on the background, causing any of my running games and opened apps to either not respond or crash.

I am not against Cortana, she’s a good helper / virtual assistant. But right now, I’ll rather keep her on a leash while Microsoft figures this one out. Here’s a good article you may want to read: Cortana: The spy in Windows 10

I also recommend that you do not go through Express Settings after installation of 1607 during Setup options. Disable most of the Privacy settings that gather and send info, and also limit Cortana’s ability by skipping her setup. Here’s a site which will allow you to configure your own Settings and Privacy if you did go through Express Settings instead of Customizing your own Anniversary Update experience: Windows 10 upgrade: Don’t use Express settings.

If you find it hard configuring options in Settings since your system may freeze right after logging in, try booting into Safemode. There are a number of ways to go to Safemode but you’ll find it easier before logging into the desktop by holding down the Shift key and clicking the Power icon and selecting Restart. You can now follow-along here. Once you are in Safemode you can now tweak your way into Settings. If you are concerned about your Security and Privacy you may also want to see: How to Lock Down Windows 10 Anniversary Update privacy settings.

Other Errors
There were two particular errors that I had in version 1607 and were able to resolve them.
The first one caused some nasty Windows Store issues such as force closing and freezing, and the second was causing an error on Windows Update installation and Microsoft Account Sign-in issues.

I’ll add them in soon.

Side Story: My Experience with 1607
It’s good to note that I initially upgraded my system from 1511 to 1607 but the Freezing issues were just too bad that working in SafeMode was not a good thing to do on an Operating System that should be used “normally”. Creating a Local Account did solve that somehow. But less than 3-hours of use the freezing went back and some games ran sporadically.

Subsequently, I had to clean install 1607 and then install the Cumulative Update KB3176495. Created a Local Account instead during setup but the Freezing became progressive and games such as Guild Wars 2, The Division, and Diablo 3 had a myriad of issues in graphics and crashing on different intervals during gameplay, worst than when I did the Upgrade.

So I declared a Holy War against 1607. Sniffing through .CBS, .LOG, .DMP, and .EVTX files for some correlation to the freezing and stop errors. Here was when Autoruns and Process Explorer became useful again to figuring out what was going on. So there you have it up there^ what actually works for me could likely work for you.


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