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Cybercrime Laws in the Philippines, the next steps..

  • Progress o f Democracy

July 2011, I was able to advocate knowledge and awareness about any existing Law for Cybercrime in the Philippines. Nearly a year after, the 15th Congress has passed the Cybercrime bill or House Bill 5808 moving it up to the Senate on June 4, 2012 and on June 5, 2012 the Senate has duly approved the Bill. Finally, on September 12, 2012 President Benigno Aquino III has signed it as Republic Act #10175 or to be known as the “Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012”.

  • Highlights of R.A. #10175
  1. The House of Representatives Press Release: http://bit.ly/L284uB
  2. Link for the PDF bill as duly signed by the House, Senate and the President: http://bit.ly/R44unc
  3. The Republic Act#10175 as seen on the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines: http://bit.ly/Qb1nFj


Cybercrime Laws in the Philippines?

  • Is there any?

If you are looking for one, then there is. I mentioned there’s one, right? You read it correct. A solitary law that pertains to the internet and electronic communications called as Republic Act (RA) 8792, known as the “Electronic Commerce Act” or “E-Commerce Act” which was signed into Law on June 2000 after the “I Love You” worm proliferated and there was no such law to penalize against such perpetuation. Hold on a sec, its 2011! I am no lawyer and I am no legislator but I can read through fine prints. EULA anyone? Don’t get me wrong here, this article is not intended for mockery of the present law lain down.

Honestly, the ground-laying for electronic or computer related laws should have started during the time of DOS where an Adamson University College student named JonJon Gumba created the first Filipino virus called Possessed which infected hundreds of IBM systems worldwide in its first months. Well, the internet was not that common back then.