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HTC Sync on Windows 8

Several months after the RTM release of Windows 8, I had an issue with HTC Sync not being able to connect with my HTC Desire XE. It turns out that HTC Sync was not yet compatible. The current release of 3.3.17 of HTC Sync solves this issue. But it had a few little quirks before it did function correctly.


The 2nd KB Article

Community Content KB Article ID: 2790565 has been published. This Article describes how to resolve an error for File History to backup files using a Virtual Hard Disk.


The resolution has been tested using both a Guest machine through Hyper-V and my actual Windows 8 machines. After experiencing several issues while using File History, the article presents a resolution with two methods. I personally prefer Method 1 which allows you to create scripts for allowing a VHD to auto-mount with a UAC prompt whenever you restart, through this way you visually know that the script executes. For those who want a more silent type of execution for a VHD mount, you may prefer to use Method 2 through Task Scheduler. The resolution applies for Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

My Official 1st KB Article

It’s now live folks! You heard me right and it’s my 1st ever official KB Article: 2771185

The Article describes and would help walk you through very simple and non-technical terms of enabling File History, which is a new back-up feature in Windows 8.

Capture FH On Trimmed

Check out the complete details for turning on File History to protect and keep your important files continuously backed-up! Here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2771185/en-ph